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Tony's diary

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Photo from my visit to Ukraine in February 2023 - Victoria, Me and Olly.

Hello everyone, I will be travelling out to Switzerland on May 19th to pick up a full load of Humanitarian aid in my transit and trailer. My dear Swiss friends will have everything ready for me. I will load liquid soap etc from Monique Reganass at Motorex Ch, then a large consignment of St's, pampers and Inco pads from Hyga, a company that manufactors them, plus pick ups from other dear friends. I will then tranport them back to our Canterbury warehouse ready to go on our next truck to Chernihiv, Ukraine.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and donations as without the funds, we can do nothing. Bless you. Tony Budell.

Sadly, on this trip, journeying in France towards Switzerland, Tony passed away on 22nd May 2023. After being brought back to England and a coroner's report, the funeral took place on 26th June 2023.

With your help and support the charity will continue to help the people of Ukraine. Another lorry of aid left on Wednesday 27th June.

Valerie would like to thank all the friends who sent condolences by phone, e-mail or post. This was very much appreciated at a very sad time. My grateful thanks.


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